Integrity-We conduct all affairs lawfully and with integrity.

Compliance-We strive for 100% compliance, with 100% of employees fully complying 100% of the time. We ensure excellence in environmental, safety, and all other areas of compliance.

Value Creation -We try to create real, long-term value by the economic means. We try to eliminate waste in order to achieve superior results.

Principled Entrepreneurship -We demonstrate the sense of urgency, discipline, accountability, judgment, initiative, economic and critical thinking skills, and risk-taking mentality what are most necessary to generate the greatest contribution to the company and society.

Customer Focus -We try to understand and develop relationships with customers to profitably anticipate and satisfy their needs.

Knowledge -We try to seek and use the best knowledge and proactively share our knowledge while embracing a challenge process. We measure profitability wherever practical.

Humility -We practice humility and intellectual honesty. We constantly seek to understand and constructively deal with reality to create real value and achieve personal improvement.

Respect -We treat others with dignity, respect, honesty, and sensitivity. We appreciate the value of diversity. We encourage and practice teamwork.

Fulfillment -We produce results that create value to realize our full potential and find fulfillment in our work.

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